About Us

The slogan adopted by State Bank & Trust Company "relationship banking - with us it's personal" is one that is steeped in tradition, history, and community service. The culture surrounding our bank stems back to both the Valley Bank and State Bank & Trust Company preceding and following the mergers of the two in August, 2000. Prior to the merger, the Valley Bank (founded in 1898) provided the people of Rosedale, MS and surrounding counties a community bank that prided itself on personal relationships; likewise State Bank & Trust Company (founded in 1936) served the needs of Brookhaven and surrounding communities.

After generations of serving the people in the Mississippi Delta, Mr. Stewart Brumfield acquired controlling interest of the Valley Bank in 1985. In just 15 years, the bank grew from $13 million in assets to $350 million in assets. The rapid growth realized by the bank can be attributed to one very important principle: Valley Bank is a hometown, community bank that provides exceptional personal service, and convenient, cutting-edge technology. 

In 2000, management recognized the benefits in expanding their market area into Southwest Mississippi. As a native of Pike County, MS, Mr. Brumfield had extensive family and business relationships in the area which aided his objective in finding another long-standing bank that would provide the ideal partnership. He, in conjunction with the management teams of the two banks, negotiated a merger between Valley Bank and State Bank & Trust Company resulting in a new financial institution with approximately $500 million in assets. 

State Bank & Trust Company, led by Chairman of the Board Stewart Brumfield, quickly expanded into Southwest Mississippi, by opening De Novo branches in McComb, Monticello, and Columbia and through the acquisition of Mississippi Southern Bank in Port Gibson. Growth, through both mergers and acquisitions and De Novo locations, continued to be an important component to the success of State Bank & Trust Company, which was evident in the merger of First Bank of Baton Rouge in 2005, the acquisition of Consumer National Bank in the Greater Jackson, MS market in 2006, and the acquisition of American Bank in Geneva, AL in 2007.

The growth of the bank from $500 million in total assets at the time of the initial merger to $930 million currently, as well as an increase to 35 banking locations throughout Mississippi, Louisiana, and Alabama, is a true testament to the determination of the Board, Senior Management executives, and employees of State Bank & Trust Company to provide their customers and communities with a true personal banking experience. From a small community bank founded in Rosedale, MS, to a merger with a local bank providing personal banking in Brookhaven, MS, State Bank & Trust Company has survived the Great Depression, countless economic highs and lows, as well as many obstacles surrounding steady growth and sustainability to prevail as a bank with one simple focus – its customers.