Mobile Banking FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions


Q: There are several "State Bank" Apps at the App Store. Which one do I choose?

A: When you go to your App Store, please search for State Bank & Trust Company. You may have to scroll through the Apps to find the State Bank & Trust Company logo.The App is free and can be downloaded just like any other App or by going to using your smartphone or other mobile device.


Q: What type of account must I have to qualify for Mobile Banking?

A: Mobile Banking can be used in conjunction with any consumer or small business accounts enrolled in eStatements. This includes consumer checking or savings accounts as well as small business checking and savings accounts. Only small businesses such as sole proprietorships or dba's will be able to access the system.


Q: What can I do with the Mobile Banking App?

A: Customers can see the same information they see on State Online Banking with the exception of viewing check images. You'll be able to access account balances, view transactions, make transfers, view alerts, find State Bank & Trust Company locations, Pay Bills, and even deposit checks.


Q: What login information do I use?

A: You'll simply use your State Online Banking login credentials. The user name and password will be the same as if you were logging in using your computer.


Q: How is Mobile Banking different from Online Banking?

A: There are a few differences in the service.

  • You can only initiate Bill Pay transactions through the Mobile App. To set up new payees, you must log in through State Online Banking.
  • Mobile Deposit isn't available through our consumer online banking but you can use your smartphone camera to make deposits with State Bank & Trust Company.
  • You can view check images online but not on Mobile Banking.


Q: What is the cut off time for transactions on Mobile Banking?

A: The cut off times are the same as our online banking service. Bill Payments should be made by 12:00 p.m. Central time for processing. Transfers must be made by 5:00 p.m. Central time to be effective that day. Mobile Deposit cut off for same day credit is 4:00 p.m. Central time. While you can enter transactions anytime, transactions initiated after the cutoff time or during non-business hours will be processed the following business day.


Q: Can I see my loans on Mobile Banking?

A: Yes, any deposit or loan account you have on online banking can be viewed through the Mobile App.


Q: Does logging on to Mobile Banking help me meet the qualifications to earn the higher interest rate on Platinum Checking?

A: Yes, Mobile Banking is an extension of State Bank Online Banking and is considered to be the same as signing into your online banking account.


Q: Can I use Mobile Banking for my business?

A: Yes, if you are a sole proprietor or someone "doing business as" you may be able to use Mobile Banking.


Q: What is the cost for Mobile Banking?

A: There is no cost to have Mobile Banking or Mobile Deposit. However, customers are required to enroll in eStatements and will not receive a bank statement through the mail.


Q: Will Mobile Banking work with my phone?

A: Mobile Banking can be used with most smartphones and other portable devices, which include iPhone®, iPad®, iPodTouch®, and Droid® devices.


Q: Am I automatically enrolled in Mobile Deposit once I download the App?

A: No. If you wish to use the Mobile Deposit feature of the App, you will need to stop by your local State Bank & Trust Company branch.


Q: How do I endorse an item I deposit through Mobile Deposit?

A: You should endorse the back of the check as follows:

"For Mobile Deposit Only"

Your Signature

Last Four Digits of Your Account Number


Q: What is the deposit limit for using Mobile Deposit?

A: For those customers that request Mobile Deposit and are approved, State Bank & Trust Company allows customers to deposit up to $2,000 per day or $5,000 per thirty (30) day period. These limits are set by the bank and may change from time to time without notice. If you need a higher limit, you can visit with your local State Bank & Trust Company branch to see if you qualify.


Q: What should I do with the checks once I've taken a picture and submitted the deposit?

A: We ask you to retain the item for five business days to insure the check isn't returned for poor image quality reasons. After the five (5) day period you must destroy the item(s) so that non-public information cannot be obtained from the item.


Q: How will I know if the check image is acceptable?

A: If you attempt to process a check that is over the deposit limit or cannot be recognized by the service, you'll receive a message when you try to complete the deposit. Once your item is scanned and submitted through Mobile Deposit, it will be reviewed by bank personnel. You'll then receive a message indicating whether the item has been accepted or not. If the amount is more than the daily or monthly limits, you'll see a message on your mobile device when you attempt to submit the item.


Q: Can I deposit any check?

A: Any check made payable to you can be deposited through Mobile Deposit provided it does not exceed the daily or monthly dollar limits or meet one of the exceptions. The exceptions are Government checks, Official Checks, Cashiers' Checks, Money Orders, Three party checks, checks made payable to others and checks in foreign currencies. You'll receive a notification if the item cannot be processed. Items rejected by Mobile Banking will need to be deposited at a branch.


Q: What happens if the item can't be processed?

A: If the item is rejected, you'll need to deposit the item at your local State Bank & Trust Company branch.


Q: What do I do if a check I deposit is returned?

A: If a check is returned for reasons such as non-sufficient funds or similar cause, you'll receive an Image Replacement Document (IRD), also referred to as a Substitute Check. You can bring the IRD to the branch to see if it will clear the second time it's deposited or you can contact the maker of the check to collect directly from them. Additionally, you may find collection assistance through your District Attorney's office. If you do receive an IRD from us, it will replace the original check, which should be destroyed in accordance to our agreement.


Q: What happens if I deposit the item twice?

A: You are liable to the account holder that gave you the check and you will be required to pay any losses he or she may have sustained due to the item being presented more than once. Additional you will be liable to State Bank & Trust Company for any cost associated with depositing items more than once and your Mobile Banking/Mobile Deposit services may be terminated.